Sliding Glass Doors by Crystalia Glass

When it comes to building your home with both comfort and functionality in mind, Crystalia Glass has the most extensive and versatile range of glass door designs. Our glass sliding doors are of high quality and highly customizable materials to ensure that your glass doors match every room or room. By incorporating luxury glass into your home design, you can add versatility and endurance to high-end appeal, glamor, and design.

Today’s glass gates come in a number of designs. But one of the most common and prominent designs is the glass door sliding. Sliding glass doors provide your home with the visual look of a wall of windows increasingly common in more modern, minimalist styles. The complete views with a glass wall include additional light in your entrance and a clear, unhindered view of your kitchen, patio, and veranda. Also, glass doors with sliding glass can be used easily and integrated into your architectural design.

Sliding glass door design

Many people are likely to recall the vivid glass door elements in tapestries and other modest sketches from the 1990s entourage. Modern technology has made significant progress from these simplistic concepts, allowing a basic door to be transformed into a work of art. Glass doors are now a new source of design inspiration and the manifestation of the most opulent palate. Perhaps this is the opportunity to select the most adventurous alternative possible, free of patterns and color constraints. Landscape, animalism, photo printing, and other motifs can be set to complement any interior, and no other material produces a more beautiful effect than the image on the glass.

Sliding glass styles

Sliding glass doors are made of various materials, each with its collection of practical advantages, costs, and aesthetic considerations. Although each design’s advantages differ significantly, professionals such as those at Crystalia are often available to help you navigate the landscape of choices and choose a design and style that best suits your home’s architectural needs.

CGF 300 framed glass sliding door with perimeter frame

The system maintains the benefit of the frameless model in terms of transparency and lightness. However, the frame finish gives your door system an industrial feel. The decorative strips have minimal thickness that helps you design partitions, giving them a perfect pattern without interfering with the design’s visual lightness.

CGF 350 framed sliding glass door with horizontal strips

This is an aluminum perimeter framework and horizontal bands sliding glass panel. The strips are thin and do not affect light to the room but shift the room’s feeling. They bring rhyme and contrast, and style to the interior. The glass is available in a range of finishes, such as transparent, low iron, frosted and bronze. The clear glass makes the room’s view more luminous and extends. Other glass finishes guarantee more privacy. Glass panels with customized widths and heights are available. The frame and strips are made from aluminum, an environmentally friendly and robust material but are 8 feet high.

CGF 400 framed glass door sliding with vertical and horizontal stripes

This is a sliding, vertical and horizontal glass door with a frame with an aluminum perimeter. The cross-sectional design allows the visual organization of any space and the added feeling of an industrial loft.

The above-framed glass sliding doors are available in a range of finishes, such as transparent, low iron, bronze, gray and frosted. The clear glass makes the room’s view more luminous and extends. Other glass finishes guarantee more privacy. Custom widths and heights of glass panels are available. For monolithic tempered glass panels, the maximum size is 8 feet, however. The framework consists of aluminum that is both environmentally friendly and sturdy. However, for the best advice and style choices, you can find more information here.

CGS-200 frameless glass sliding door

This is an unframed glass sliding door with polished edges. The key benefit of its architecture is minimalist: transparency, simplicity, and construction lightness. The glass is available in a range of finishes, such as transparent, low iron, bronze, gray and frosted. The clear glass makes the room’s view more luminous and extends. More privacy is offered in other glass finishes. Custom width, height, and glass panels are available. But for monolithic tempered glass windows, the maximum size is 11 feet. The thickness of the tempered glass maybe 3,8″ or 1,5″. Find everything about CGS 200 and any more information here.

Sliding steel doors

Slider-based steel partitions consist of the same steel and glass or opaque inserts. The doors may be glued to one or two sides to maximize the gap. There is no guide and no trip risk at the top of the door. The doors are highly hanging. With fixed parts, it is possible to alternate sliding panels.

Are sliding glass doors safe

An advanced and pleasing sliding motion is provided by the anti-shock braking system while at the same time increasing protection. The fingers are protected from being trapped in the glass door closing cycle and protected against impact injury. Dual soft brakes can be mounted on a glass panel without a frame with a minimum width of 26 inches, offering both a soft opening and a soft closing.


As we’ve discussed, sliding glass doors can come in several shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of your home. Take into account all possibilities, and your new door could be the focal point of your living room, connecting you to the outside while preserving a comfortable and usable atmosphere on the inside. If you’re thinking of getting a sliding glass door, want to learn more about your choices, or want to learn more about what’s available, you may find more information here.