Sliding Glass Doors by Crystalia Glass

When it comes to creating a home that combines comfort and functionality, Crystalia Glass offers an extensive and adaptable selection of glass door designs. Our high-quality glass sliding doors are crafted from customizable materials, ensuring that they complement every space in your home. Integrating luxurious glass into your home design adds versatility, durability, and a touch of high-end elegance and glamour to your decor.

Contemporary glass doors are available in various designs, with one of the most prevalent being the sliding glass door. These doors offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, reminiscent of a wall of windows often found in modern, minimalist designs. The expansive views provided by glass walls allow for increased natural light in your living space and unobstructed views of your kitchen, patio, and veranda. Additionally, sliding glass doors are easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into your architectural layout.


Sliding glass door design

Many may reminisce about the vibrant glass door elements depicted in tapestries and other modest sketches from the 1990s era. However, modern technology has made significant strides beyond these simplistic concepts, allowing a basic door to be transformed into a stunning work of art. Glass doors now serve as a fresh source of design inspiration, embodying the epitome of opulent creativity. This presents an opportunity to opt for the most adventurous alternatives, unrestricted by patterns and color limitations. Whether it’s landscapes, animal motifs, or photographic prints, glass doors can be adorned with a wide range of designs to complement any interior, with no other material producing a more captivating effect than images embedded in glass.


Sliding glass styles

Sliding glass doors are made of various materials, each with its collection of practical advantages, costs, and aesthetic considerations. Although each design’s advantages differ significantly, professionals such as those at Crystalia are often available to help you navigate the landscape of choices and choose a design and style that best suits your home’s architectural needs.

CGF 300 framed glass sliding door with perimeter frame

While retaining the advantages of transparency and lightness inherent in the frameless model, the system introduces a frame finish that imbues your door system with an industrial aesthetic. The decorative strips, with their minimal thickness, enable you to design partitions with flawless patterns without compromising the visual lightness of the overall design.

CGF 350 framed sliding glass door with horizontal strips

This sliding glass panel features an aluminum perimeter framework with horizontal bands. The thin strips do not obstruct light but subtly alter the room’s ambiance, adding rhythm, contrast, and style to the interior. The glass comes in various finishes, including transparent, low iron, frosted, and bronze. Clear glass enhances the luminosity and extends the view of the room, while other finishes ensure greater privacy. Customized widths and heights for the glass panels are available. The frame and strips are constructed from aluminum, an environmentally friendly and durable material, with a standard height of 8 feet.

CGF 400 framed glass door sliding with vertical and horizontal stripes

This is a sliding, vertical and horizontal glass door with a frame with an aluminum perimeter. The cross-sectional design allows the visual organization of any space and the added feeling of an industrial loft.

The above-framed glass sliding doors are available in a range of finishes, such as transparent, low iron, bronze, gray and frosted. The clear glass makes the room’s view more luminous and extends. Other glass finishes guarantee more privacy. Custom widths and heights of glass panels are available. For monolithic tempered glass panels, the maximum size is 8 feet, however. The framework consists of aluminum that is both environmentally friendly and sturdy. However, for the best advice and style choices, you can find more information here.

CGS-200 frameless glass sliding door

This is an unframed glass sliding door with polished edges. The key benefit of its architecture is minimalist: transparency, simplicity, and construction lightness. The glass is available in a range of finishes, such as transparent, low iron, bronze, gray and frosted. The clear glass makes the room’s view more luminous and extends. More privacy is offered in other glass finishes. Custom width, height, and glass panels are available. But for monolithic tempered glass windows, the maximum size is 11 feet. The thickness of the tempered glass maybe 3,8″ or 1,5″.

Sliding steel doors

Slider-based steel partitions consist of the same steel and glass or opaque inserts. The doors may be glued to one or two sides to maximize the gap. There is no guide and no trip risk at the top of the door. The doors are highly hanging. With fixed parts, it is possible to alternate sliding panels.

Are sliding glass doors safe

An advanced and pleasing sliding motion is provided by the anti-shock braking system while at the same time increasing protection. The fingers are protected from being trapped in the glass door closing cycle and protected against impact injury. Dual soft brakes can be mounted on a glass panel without a frame with a minimum width of 26 inches, offering both a soft opening and a soft closing.


As mentioned earlier, sliding glass doors are available in various shapes and sizes to suit the unique requirements of your home. By considering all options, your new door has the potential to become the focal point of your living room, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces while maintaining a comfortable and functional atmosphere indoors.